Williams Communications, LLC

Application for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for the Sentry Marysville Project
(Application No. A.02-08-038)


The Applicant: Williams Communications, LLC

The Applicant, Williams Communications, LLC (Williams), is proposing to construct certain facilities of the Sentry Marysville Project in the City of Sacramento, in Yuba County, and in the City of Biggs in Butte County (Figure 3-1). The proposed project is known as the Williams Communications Sentry Marysville Project. The new fiber optic conduits would be buried underground in existing public or railroad right-of-way (ROW) to a depth of 42 to 48 inches, in a rural community, and alongside cultivated farmlands.

Purpose of the Project

The objective of the proposed project is to:

  • Meet customer-specific service needs in the City of Sacramento and to portions of Yuba and Butte counties, and to provide tie-ins to Qwest and SBC intra- and interstate networks by constructing new fiber optic conduits, cables, and related facilities.

  • Where possible, avoid or mitigate impacts on traffic along the construction routes, on biological and water resources, and on other environmental resources in the project area to a less than significant level.

Project Construction

The proposed project consists of six segments. As described below, new construction is proposed only for three segments. The remaining segments would utilize existing dark fiber on which multiplexers and amplifiers would be installed and the cables connected to Williams' existing network:

  • Segment 1, the "Sacramento #1" segment, consists of two customer dark fibers from Williams' Sacramento Point of Presence (POP) 2, located at 1005 North B Street, to Williams' Sacramento POP 1, located at 770 L Street, utilizing approximately 1.3 miles of its existing interconnect fibers to cross-connect the customer collocation space at Sacramento POP 2 with a Fiber Distribution Panel (FDP) at Sacramento POP 1. Customer fibers would then be cross-connected from POP 1 FDP to riser cable in new conduit at the Qwest space on the sixth floor of 770 L Street. Customer fibers would then be cross-connected to Qwest dark fibers.

  • Segment 2, the "Sacramento #2" segment, consists of two Qwest dark fibers that originate from the Qwest POP on the sixth floor of 770 L Street and travel northeast out of Sacramento on City streets and Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) ROW for approximately 42.8 miles to Qwest Splice Point 134.15.

  • Segment 3, the "Ostrom" segment (Figure 3-2), would include conduit system and fiber optic cable. Construction along this segment begins at Qwest Splice Point 134.15 and travels northwest along the UPRR ROW for approximately 900 feet to Ostrom Road in Yuba County. The segment then continues east along Ostrom Road for approximately 4.2 miles to the intersection with South Beale Road. From this intersection, the segment continues southwest along South Beale Road for approximately 0.2 miles to "White Line Base Demark" where fibers would terminate in a newly installed manhole.

  • Segment 4, the "Avondale" segment (Figure 3-3) begins at PacBell MH 432 at Avondale Road. The route runs along Avondale Road and Hammonton Road for approximately 2000 feet, to Qwest Splice Point 139.12 on UPRR property. Construction along this segment would include installation of conduit system and new Lucent Tru-Wave fiber optic cable.

  • Segment 5, the "Yuba City" segment, consists of two Qwest dark fibers from Qwest Splice Point 139.12 on UPRR at Hammonton Road, Yuba City, then travels for approximately 22.5 miles to Qwest Splice Point 168.1 in Biggs.

  • Segment 6, the "Biggs" segment (Figure 3-4) begins at Qwest Splice Point 168.1 and proceeds along the UPRR ROW to the existing Williams Sacramento-to-Portland backbone conduit system. Construction along this segment would consist of installation of Tru-Wave fiber optic cable and development of a railroad crossing. Once in the existing backbone conduit system, customer fibers would be inside newly installed cable to Biggs Regen located at the intersection of Farris and Biggs Gridley Road, Butte County. Customer fibers would then be cross-connected and terminated to Customer collocation space inside Biggs Regen.

New cable conduit would be installed underground by trenching and directional boring at water, sensitive resource and railroad crossings. The conduit will consist of 1.5-inch-diameter flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe. Three conduits would be placed along each new construction route. Manholes would also be installed, as well as pipeline markers.


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