Bolsa Chica Water Line and Wastewater Service Project

Project Area and Map

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Maps of  Proposed Pipeline Route

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Project Maps

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Location of Proposed Pipeline and Bolsa Chica Planned Community

The proposed water transmission line is intended to serve the Bolsa Chica Planned Community, a proposed residential development located at the southerly terminus of Bolsa Chica Street in unincorporated territory in western Orange County, California. The underground water line would extend from the Southern California Water Company’s existing domestic water system in the City of Cypress to the Bolsa Chica Planned Community site – a total distance of approximately 6.7 miles. The water line would cross through portions of the cities of Cypress, Los Alamitos, Garden Grove, Seal Beach, Westminster, and Huntington Beach before terminating at a planned underground reservoir on the Bolsa Chica Planned Community site.

The Bolsa Chica Planned Community site encompasses approximately 230 acres on Bolsa Chica Mesa in Orange County’s Bolsa Chica Local Coastal Program (LCP) Area. The development site is located on the south side of Los Patos Avenue between Bolsa Chica Street and the Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1). The Bolsa Chica Planned Community site is located within the Coastal Zone in unincorporated territory of Orange County. The construction of 1,235 residential dwelling units is currently planned on the site pending approval of a coastal development permit.

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