Southern California Edison's
Coolwater-Lugo Transmission Project


(Application A.13-08-023, filed August 28, 2013)

The application for the Coolwater-Lugo Transmission Project was dismissed without prejudice in May 2015, just prior to publication of a Draft EIR/EIS for the project. In dismissing the application for the project, the Commission ordered that the information on existing environmental conditions compiled for the Draft EIR/EIS be published in the form of a Master Environmental Assessment (MEA). The Commission decided to prepare this MEA in order to share the substantial environmental information that was collected and compiled for the unpublished Draft EIR/EIS. By publishing this information, it can serve as a resource that can be used by others who may be planning projects in the study area.

Master Environmental Assessment

MEA Cover

Title Page

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Physical Environment
      2.1 Air Resources
      2.2 Climate Change
      2.3 Geology and Soils
      2.4 Water Resources
      2.5 Noise
      2.6 Paleontology
  3. Human Environment
      3.1 Land Use
      3.2 Social and Economic Conditions
      3.3 Cultural Resources
      3.4 Transportation and Travel Management
      3.5 Visual Resources
      3.6 Utilities and Public Services
  4. Biological Resources
      4.1 Data Collection Methodology
      4.2 Regional Setting
      4.3 Vegetation Communities and Landforms
      4.4 Common Wildlife
      4.5 Special-Status Plants
      4.6 Special-Status Wildlife
      4.7 Wildlife Movement
      4.8 Invasive Plant Species
      4.9 Jurisdictional Resources
  5. Public Health and Safety
      5.1 Environmental Contamination and Hazards
      5.2 Wildland Fire
  6. References

Vegetation Mapping GIS Data