Pacific Gas & Electric Company's Diablo Canyon Power Plant Steam Generator Replacement Project


Proponent's Environmental Assessment

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Table of Contents and List of Acronyms
1. Executive Summary
Figure 1-1. Site Vicinity Map
Figure 1-2. SGRP Temporary Facilities
Figure 1-3. Nuclear Steam Supply System
Figure 1-4. Four Steam Generator Configuration
2. Purpose and Need for the Proposed Action
3. Description of the Proposed Projects
Figure 3-1. Diablo Canyon Unit 1 and 2 Replacement Implementation Schedule
Figure 3-2. Typical Steam Generator Cutaway Section
Figure 3-3. Barge Transport/Offload Options
Figure 3-4. View Toward Port San Luis - Potential Offloading Area
Figure 3-5. View Toward Intake Cove - Potential Offloading Area
Figure 3-6. Barge Transport Route to Port San Luis
Figure 3-7. Potential Port San Luis Docking/Staging Areas
Figure 3-8. Typical RSG Barge Offload Plan and Elevation
Figure 3-9. Potential Intake Cove Docking/Staging Areas
Figure 3-10. Additional Workforce During SGRP
Figure 3-11. SG on Runway through Equipment Hatch Handling in Containment: Plan View
Figure 3-12. SG on Runway and Lifted into Place Handling Process in Containment: Elevation
Figure 3-13. Passing SG through Auxiliary Building to Equipment Hatch: Plan View
Figure 3-14. Plan View - SG on Runway and Rotated Auxiliary Building
Figure 3-15. SG Lifting from Transporter Outside Auxiliary Building: Elevation
4. Environmental Setting
Figure 4.4-1. Special Status Species within a 10-Mile Radius
Figure 4.6-1. Diablo Canyon Regional Geologic Map
Figure 4.8-1. Diablo Creek Watershed
Figure 4.15-1. Existing Circulation System
5. Environmental Impacts and Mitigation
Figure 5.11-1. Typical Construction Equipment Noise Generation Levels
6. Impact Summary
7. Cumulative Impacts
8. Growth-Inducing Effects
9. Indirect Effects
10. References
11. List of Preparers

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