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Draft Mitigation Negative Declaration

and Supporting Initial Study



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Notice of Intent

Title Page

Table of Contents

Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration

A.1       Introduction

A.2       Project Description

A.3       Alternatives

A.4       Environmental Determination


Initial Study

Environmental Checklist Form

B.1      Project Description (6MB)

            B.1.1    Project Title

            B.1.2    Project Sponsor’s Name and Address

            B.1.3    Lead Agency Name and Address

            B.1.4    Lead Agency Contact Person and Phone Number

            B.1.5    Project Location

            B.1.6    Surrounding Land Uses and Setting

            B.1.7    General Plan Designation

            B.1.8    Zoning

            B.1.9    Project Overview

            B.1.10   Project Components

            B.1.11   Project Construction

            B.1.12   Operation and Maintenance

            B.1.13   Applicant Proposed Measures

            B.1.14   Other Permits and Approvals

B.2      Environmental Determination

            B.2.1    Environmental Factors Potentially Affected

            B.2.2    Environmental Determination

B.3       Environmental Analysis and Mitigation

            B.3.1   Aesthetics

            B.3.2   Agricultural and Forestry Resources

            B.3.3   Air Quality

            B.3.4   Biological Resources (6MB)

            B.3.5   Cultural Resources

            B.3.6   Geology and Soils

            B.3.7   Greenhouse Gas Emissions

            B.3.8   Hazards and Hazardous Materials

            B.3.9   Hydrology and Water Quality

            B.3.10   Land Use and Planning

            B.3.11   Mineral Resources

            B.3.12   Noise

            B.3.13   Population and Housing

            B.3.14   Public Services

            B.3.15   Recreation

            B.3.16   Transportation/Traffic

            B.3.17   Utilities and Service Systems

            B.3.18   Mandatory Findings of Significance


C.        Mitigation Monitoring Plan



B.1-1   Construction Equipment and Workforce Estimates by Activity

B.1-2   Telecommunication Construction Personnel and Equipment

B.1-3   Fiber Optic Telecommunication Cable Construction Personnel and Equipment

B.1-4   Applicant Proposed Measures (APMs)

B.1-5   Permits that May Be Required for the Proposed Downs Substation Expansion Project

B.3.1-1   Visual Sensitivity–Visual Change Guidance for Review of Impact Significance

B.3.3-1   National and California Ambient Air Quality Standards

B.3.3-2   Attainment Status for Project Areas

B.3.3-3   EKAPCD and MDAQMD Significance Thresholds

B.3.3-4   Estimated Construction Emissions

B.3.4-1   Special-Status Species that Could Occur in the Project Vicinity

B.3.4-2   Applicant Proposed Measures – Biological Resources

B.3.5-1   Cultural Chronology

B.3.5-2   Newly Recorded Isolated Finds

B.3.5-3   Cultural Resources within the Proposed Project Area of Direct Impact

B.3.5-4   Applicant Proposed Measures – Cultural Resources

B.3.6-1   Key Characteristics of Soils Underlying the Proposed Project

B.3.6-2   Significant Active and Potentially Active Faults within 50-miles of the Proposed Project

B.3.8-1   GeoTracker Sites within 0.25-miles of Proposed Project Components with Ground Disturbance

B.3.10-1   City of Ridgecrest Regulations, Plans, and Standards

B.3.12-1   Downs Substation Ambient Noise Levels

B.3.12-2   Downs Substation Operational Noise Levels

B.3.12-3   Typical Construction Equipment Noise Levels

B.3.13-1   Year 2009 Existing Conditions – Population, Housing, and Employment: City of Ridgecrest

B.3.14-1   Service Providers

B.3.16-1   2010 Highway Characteristics

B.3.16-2   2010 Arterial Roadway Characteristics

B.3.16-3   Temporary Lane Closures Associated with Subtransmission and Telecommunication Infrastructure Installation

B.3.17-1   Utility Providers

B.3.17-2   Landfill Capacity

C-1          Mitigation Monitoring Plan



B.1-1      Regional Location Map

B.1-2      New Downs 115/12 kV Substation 115 kV Looped Configuration

B.1-3      Electrical Needs Area

B.1-4      Aerial View of Downs Substation Area

B.1-5      Downs Substation Area with Proposed Substation Expansion

B.1-6      Layout of Downs Substation with Proposed Expansion

B.1-7      Proposed Subtransmission Line Route

B.1-8      Existing 115-kV Subtransmission Line Routes in the Vicinity of the Project Area

B.1-9      Proposed 115-kV Subtransmission Line Routes in the Vicinity of the Project Area

B.1-10    Subtransmission Structure Dimensions

B.1-11    Overview of Proposed Fiber Optic Telecommunication Cable Route

B.1-12    Proposed Fiber Optic Telecommunication Cable Route - Segment 1

B.1-13    Proposed Fiber Optic Telecommunication Cable Route - Segments 1 and 2

B.1-14    Proposed Fiber Optic Telecommunication Cable Route - Segments 2 and 3

B.1-15    Proposed Fiber Optic Telecommunication Cable Route - Segments 3 and 4

B.1-16    Proposed Fiber Optic Telecommunication Cable Route - Segment 4 (Continued Southern Part)

B.1-17    Proposed Fiber Optic Telecommunication Cable Route - Segment 4 (Continued Northern Part)

B.1-18    Proposed Fiber Optic Telecommunication Cable Route - Segment 4 (End)

B.1-19    Temporary Staging Yard Locations

B.3.1-1A/1B   KOP 1 – Downs Street Existing View and Simulation of Proposed Substation Expansion

B.3.1-1C        KOP 1 – Downs Street Simulation of Proposed Landscaping

B.3.1-2A/2B   KOP 2 – East Church Avenue Existing View and Simulation of Proposed Telecom Cable

B.3.1-3A/3B   KOP 3 – Eastbound SR 178 Existing View and Simulation of Proposed Structure Replacement

B.3.4-1   Downs Substation Vegetation Communities

B.3.4-2   Vegetation Communities - Western Project Area

B.3.4-3   Vegetation Communities - Central Project Area

B.3.4-4   Vegetation Communities - Eastern Project Area

B.3.4-5   Vegetation Communities - Northeastern Project Area

B.3.4-6   Drainages in Survey Area – Western Project Area

B.3.4-7   Drainages in Survey Area – Central Project Area

B.3.4-8   Drainages in Survey Area – Eastern Project Area

B.3.4-9   Drainages in Survey Area – Northeastern Project Area

B.3.6-1   Regional Active Faults and Historic Earthquakes

B.3.6-2   Little Lake Fault Zone

B.3.12-1     Aerial Image Showing Ambient Noise Measurement Locations and Data Results

B.3.12-2     Aerial Image Showing Noise Impact Contours from Proposed Facility Operations



1   List of Preparers

2   References

3   Air Quality Emission Calculations

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\ksimpson.ASPENEG\Desktop\ElCasco-SDEIR_CD\images\webinfo.gif

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