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Recirculated Final

Environmental Impact Report





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Below is an interactive table of contents for the Recirculated Final Environmental Impact Report.


To access the previously publicly circulated original Draft Environmental Impact Report (December 2007), Final Environmental Impact Report (April 2008), and Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report (July 2008), please refer to the links located at the end of this page.


Notice of Availability




Recirculated Final EIR Cover




Table of Contents



Title Page








1.1. Background

1.2. Recirculated Final EIR Document Organization

1.3. Purpose of the Recirculated Final EIR

1.4. Decision-Making Process





Summary of Public Review Process


2.1. Public Involvement Milestones 2- 2-1

2.2. EIR Information and Repository Sites

2-42.3. Public Review Period



Draft EIR Comments and Responses

3.1. List of Commenters and Responses

3.2. General Responses to Common Comments

3.3. Comments and Responses to Comments

A. Public Agencies 3A-1

A8. City of Banning, Office of the Mayor


B-1. Community Groups, Organizations, and Private Companies on the Draft EIR 3B-1

B1. Sun Lakes Country Club


B-2. Community Groups, Organizations, and Private Companies on the Recirculated Draft EIR 3B-5

B2. Sun Lakes Country Club

C-1. Individuals on the Draft EIR 3C-1

C1. Nancy Darling

C3. Edward H. Leonhardt

C4. Marvin Friedman

C5. James W. and Nancy R. Brown

C7. Robert and Ruth King

C8. Mary Baines

C9. Jackie M. Snyder

C10. Larry and Christine Cobel

C11. Alfred and Carol Spinden

C12. Steve Fabeck

C13. Susan Crosby

C14. Judith Root

C15. Bill and Judy Cadman

C16. Jim McDonald

C17. James P. and Pamela J. Mara

C18. M & M

C19. Julie R. Jeffery

C20. Edward H. Leonhardt part 1

C20. Edward H. Leonhardt part 2 (3.9MB)

C20. Edward H. Leonhardt part 3

C21. Diane Stone

C22. Judith and Gary Root

C23. Joe Metz

C26. Richard and Karen Keating

C27. Jacquelyn Battaglia

C28. William M. and Kay Ross

C29. Jack L. and Shirley E. Hyslop

C30. Kenneth and Marcella Euken

C31. Gary Laba

C32. Gerald and Barbara Lohrke

C33. Max and Mary Lou Mauk

C34. Edward Miller

C35. Phyllis Enet

C36. Preston Herd

C37. Jack and Rea Jones

C38. Pat Malberg

C39. Bob and Marti Peck

C40. Bob and Gerri Piechowski

C41. Bill and Enid Porter

C42. Don and Karen Dorsey

C43. Julie R. Jeffery

C44. Lena Lentine

C45. Mel Mulder

C46. Camille Smith

C47. Fred and Lorene Sowash

C48. Kevin and Carol Wolfswinkel

C49. Arnold E. Eigenhuis

C50. Shirley Majors

C51. George J. Tod

C52. Dale and Phyllis Leeper

C53. Joan and Maurice Aronzon

C54. Helen Dow

C55. Barbara Habeger

C56. Philip and Betty Harrington

C57. Tom and Mary Lou Meyers

C58. Patricia Morris

C59. Stella Zaremba

C60. Deborah D. Williams

C-2. Individuals on the Recirculated Draft EIR 3C-163

C61. Marvin Friedman

C62. Edward H. Leonhardt part 1

C62. Edward H. Leonhardt part 2

C62. Edward H. Leonhardt part 3

C62. Edward H. Leonhardt part 4 (3.1MB)

C62. Edward H. Leonhardt part 5

C63. Edward H. Leonhardt

D. Transcript from Public Meetings - Comments 3D-1

D1. Dennis Sauer - Response

D2. Marvin Friedman - Response


D3. Rosalyn Friedman - Response

D4. Phyllis Enet - Response

D5. Edward H. Leonhardt - Response

D6. Marvin Friedman - Response

D7. Nancy Darwin (Darling) - Response


E-1. Applicant Southern California Edison Company on the Draft EIR 3E-1

E1. Southern California Edison Company

E2. Southern California Edison Company (8.1MB)


E3. Southern California Edison Company

E-2. Applicant Southern California Edison Company on the Recirculated Draft EIR 3E-1

E5. Southern California Edison Company



Revisions to the Draft Environmental Impact Report


4.1. Revisions to the Recirculated Draft EIR

4.2. Revisions to the Original Draft EIR




Draft Environmental Impact Report December 2007

Final Environmental Impact Report April 2008

Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report July 2008



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