PG&E Jefferson-Martin 230 kV Transmission Project

(Application No. A-02-09-043, filed September 30, 2002)



EMF Mitigation Aerial Photographs

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Map 1: Guadalupe Canyon Parkway (eastern end), Bayshore Boulevard

Map 2: Guadalupe Canyon Parkway (central portion)

Map 3: East Market Street and Guadalupe Canyon Parkway (west end)

Map 4: Hillside Boulevard

Map 5: BART ROW (north end), Lawndale Drive, Hillside Boulevard (south end)

Map 6: BART ROW (Orange Avenue to Sequoia Avenue)

Map 7: Huntington Avenue and BART ROW (southern segment)

Map 8: San Bruno Avenue (east portion) and Huntington Avenue

Map 9: San Bruno Avenue (west portion)

Map 10: Overhead segment, along Skyline Boulevard

Map 11: Overhead segment, Larkspur Drive north

Map 12: Overhead segment, Trousdale to Larkspur Drive

Map 13: Skyline Boulevard between Kip Lane and Trousdale Drive; Transition to overhead at west end of Trousdale.

Map 14: Skyline Boulevard between Skyfarm Drive and Kip Lane

Map 15: Skyline Boulevard, Golf Course Drive, Skyline Boulevard to Tea Tree Court

Map 16: Skyline Boulevard north of Crystal Springs Dam

Map 17: Skyline Boulevard, area around Crystal Springs Dam

Map 18: Cañada Road and Skyline Boulevard at Highway 92 intersection

Map 19: Cañada Road, south of Highway 92

Map 20: Cañada Road, area around Pulgas Water Temple

Map 21: Cañada Road, Edgewood Road to Filoli

Map 22: Jefferson Substation to Edgewood Road

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