Kirby Hills Natural Gas Storage Facility - Phase II


Subsequent Mitigated Negative Declaration

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A. Introduction

B. Initial Study
Figure B-1. General Project Location
Figure B-2. Project Area
Figure B-3. Location of the Project Components
Figure B-4a. Project Components
Figure B-4b. Project Components
Figure B-5. Kirby Hills II Project Flow Diagram
Figure B-6. Compressor Station Plot Plan
Figures B-7a and B-7b. Photos of the Kirby Hills Phase I Compressor Station
Figures B-7c and B-7d. Photos of Phase I Wells and Meter Station
Figure B-8. Biological Uses Located in the Study Area

C. Mitigation Monitoring Program
Figure C-1. Flowchart: Unanticipated Discovery of Biological Resources (embedded in document)
Figure C-2. Temporary Extra Work Space Request (embedded in document)
Figure C-3. Flowchart: Unanticipated Discovery of Cultural Resources (embedded in document)
Figure C-4. Flowchart: Unanticipated Discovery of Human Remains (embedded in document)

D. Responses to Comments
Appendix 1. References
Appendix 2. List of Preparers and Reviewers
Appendix 3. Air Quality
Appendix 4. Noise Impact Analysis

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