PG&E Northeast San Jose Transmission Reinforcement Project

Final Environmental Impact Report

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents. (17kb)

Executive Summary (18kb)

Figure ES-1 (505kb)

A.     Introduction  (35kb)

Figure A-1 (427kb)

B.     Alternatives Analysis and Conclusions of Final EIR (125kb)

Figure B-1 (345kb)

Figure B-2 (335kb)

Figure B-3 (254kb)

Figure B-4 (107kb)

Figure B-5 (222kb)

Figure B-6 (385kb)

Figure B-7 (307kb)

C.     Mitigation Monitoring, Compliance and Reporting (246kb)

D.     Public Participation  (21kb)

E.     Responses to Comments on the Draft EIR and Supplemental Draft EIR  (344kb)

F.     Changes to Draft EIR  (68kb)

Appendix 1:  Notice of Release of Supplemental Draft EIR

Appendices 2 and 3:  Comments on the Draft and Supplemental Draft EIR

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