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CPUC/ANF Environmental Monitoring Activities

Pacific Pipeline Construction Project

Aspen Environmental Group Friday, January 29, 1999

The following is a brief summary of the environmental monitoring activities that were completed between January 29, 1999 1:00 and 1:00 on January 30, 1999. This summary is based on reports directly received from the field and has not been edited. If you have any questions please contact (818) 597-3407. Please note the item number and the correction that should be made. This report is intended to serve as a communication document and as an instrument for quality control.

Construction Highlights

01/29/99 (Friday)

Segment 1 (Emidio Pump Station to Copco Road): Report for 29 January 1999: Clean up activities continued across the right of way today. Erosion clean up and control were done in various locations, including Tejon Bench. Welders finished cutting up the pipe along Highway 166, while workers loaded up the pipe for transportation to a storage area. Minor work continued at both Emidio and Grapevine Pump Stations.

Segment 5 (Lynwood to Long Beach): Report for 1-29-99. Crews placed metal roofing and continued work on the Lynwood station site. In addition, painting crews progressed with coating the above ground pipe within the station. Backfill of the receiving pit at the Edison lateral site continued while forming of the vault site progressed. Final electrical checks continued and gravel was placed around the station site within the Tosco refinery. Further, potholing near the refinery fence and the receiving bore pit continued for the Huntway segment.

Inspection Summar

In the past 24 hours, 2 inspection event(s) were reported for 2 spread(s). Of these inspections, 0 were non-compliance event(s). Also 0 non-compliance resolution report(s) was resolved.

Non-Compliance Reports (NCR's) Issued

No new non-compliance reports were issued during the last reporting period.

Non-Compliance Resolution Reports (NCRR's) Issued

No new non-compliance reports were issued during the last reporting period.

Summary of Follow-up Items for Today

No follow-up items were reported for today.

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