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CPUC/ANF Environmental Monitoring Activities

Pacific Pipeline Construction Project

Aspen Environmental Group Saturday, December 19, 1998

The following is a brief summary of the environmental monitoring activities that were completed on December 19, 1998. This summary is based on reports directly received from the field and has not been edited. If you have any questions please contact (818) 597-3407. Please note the item number and the correction that should be made. This report is intended to serve as a communication document and as an instrument for quality control.

Construction Highlights

12/19/98 (Saturday)

Segment 1 report for 12/19/98: No work took place at Emidio and Grapevine Pump Stations. Pipe has been pushed through the California Aqueduct bore (12.28) and tie-in began on the south side. Welding, x-ray and coating continued was completed on the west-side of the Tecuya Creek/I-5 bore (EMP 9.86 to 9.78). Installation of casing continued at the Stream Crossing #9 (EMP 15.35) and the Tejon Bench/I-5 (EMP 16.49) bores. Backfill continued on Grapevine Rd. to ~15.87. Shading continued on Tejon Bench from EMP 16.87 to 16.57. Trenching, working north, occurred to EMP 17.97. On Lebec Rd., excavation continued south to EMP 21.66. Shading, conduit and backfill progressed to EMP 21.63. At the Cuddy Creek Tributary, removal of the shoring boxes began.

Inspection Summar

In the past 24 hours, 1 inspection event(s) were reported for 1 spread(s). Of these inspections, 0 were non-compliance event(s). Also 0 non-compliance resolution report(s) was resolved.

Non-Compliance Reports (NCR's) Issued

No new non-compliance reports were issued during the last reporting period.

Non-Compliance Resolution Reports (NCRR's) Issued

No new non-compliance reports were issued during the last reporting period.

Summary of Follow-up Items for Today

No follow-up items were reported for today.

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