SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94102-3298

September 10, 1998

Dean Shauers, Project Manager
Pacific Pipeline System, Inc.
12201 E. Arapahoe Road, C10
Englewood, CO 80112

RE: Variance Request #111 - Installation of a temporary 8-inch water line for hydrostatic testing, Segment 1.

Dear Mr. Shauers:

We have reviewed the above-referenced variance request, and our decision of approval is based on the following factors:

• As proposed, the water line would be laid on top of the ground surface along the shoulder of School Bus Road, within the aqueduct right-of-way on property owned by the Department of Water Resources. The line would be used to transport water from the aqueduct to the hydrostatic test station near School Bus Road and the aqueduct facilities driveway. Containment barriers would be placed around the pumps. The Department of Water Resources has approved the temporary water line (permit number 388, date issued September 2, 1998).

• Vegetation along the roadway shoulder is sparse since the area has been highly disturbed. Since no clearing or grading would be conducted, no impacts to biological or cultural resources are anticipated.

• The water line would be located off of the roadway, within the shoulder of School Bus Road, and would cross the aqueduct facilities driveway. A temporary ramp crossing over the water line would be established to allow continued vehicle access to the aqueduct facilities. No traffic or access impacts are anticipated.

• The following measures shall be implemented:

- All applicable mitigation measures for the project shall be implemented at the subject location.

- A proposed, no clearing or grading shall be allowed.

- In accordance with the Department of Water Resources permit number 388, the water line shall be removed by November 28, 1998.

- Implementation of this variance in accordance with the provisions noted above shall be verified on a random basis by a CPUC/ANF Environmental Monitor.


Andrew Barnsdale
Project Manager
cc: R. Borden, ANF
H. Rastegar, Aspen

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