SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94102-3298

October 29, 1998

Dean Shauers, Project Manager
Pacific Pipeline System, Inc.
12201 E. Arapahoe Road, C10
Englewood, CO 80112

RE: Variance Request #124 - Allow for above ground installation of the pipeline at the Los Angeles Aqueduct High Speed Channel and construction of a 200 foot concrete cover, instead of a bore installation as originally proposed, City of Los Angeles (Segment 3).

Clearance #76 - Request for an extra work space along San Fernando Road for the subject installation and concrete cover, City of Los Angeles (Segment 3).

Dear Mr. Shauers:

We have reviewed the above-referenced requests, and our decision of approval is based on the following factors:

- All applicable mitigation measures for the project shall be implemented at the subject site, including dust abatement and traffic control.

- Prior to the commencement of construction, written approval for the above ground pipeline installation and concrete cover from the City of Los Angeles shall be provided to the CPUC Lead Environmental Monitor. All conditions of approval from the City of Los Angeles and LADWP shall be implemented under this variance approval.

- Prior to the use of the extra work space, written landowner approval shall be provided to the CPUC Environmental Monitor.

- The boundary and ingress/egress points to the subject work space shall be clearly flagged. Ingress/egress shall be restricted to the existing driveway. Traffic into and out of the construction site shall be controlled with the use of flaggers.

- A qualified archaeologist and Native American Monitor shall be present during any clearing or grading activities. If any signs of cultural resources are identified, work shall cease immediately, and the site shall be evaluated using the procedures in the Cultural Resources Management Plan.

- The subject site shall not be used for fuel or hazardous material storage.

- All drips, leaks, and/or spills from vehicles and/or equipment shall be excavated immediately and disposed of in appropriate, labeled containers.

- Adjacent streets shall be swept manually or with water sweepers, as appropriate, at the end of each day if visible soil material is carried onto them (as required by Mitigation Measure A-8).

- No parking or storage of vehicles (including personnel vehicles), equipment, pipe, or any other project-related items shall be allowed on adjacent roadways.

- As proposed, the fencing along the Aqueduct channel shall be moved to the edge of San Fernando Road to restrict the public from entering the construction area/extra work space.

- As proposed, the two Eucalyptus trees along San Fernando Road shall be fenced to preclude any impact.

- Signs shall be posted in conspicuous locations along the work area warning of overhead power lines.

- Implementation of this variance approval and use of the subject work space in accordance with the provisions noted above will be verified on a random basis by a CPUC/ANF Environmental Monitor.


Andrew Barnsdale
Project Manager
cc: R. Borden, ANF
H. Rastegar, Aspen

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