SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94102-3298

February 19, 1998

Dean Shauers, Project Manager
Pacific Pipeline System, Inc.
12201 E. Arapahoe Road, C10
Englewood, CO 80112

RE: Variance Request #49 - Allow for open cut trenching (instead of boring) of Birch Avenue, City of Hawthorne (Segment 4B).

Dear Mr. Shauers:

We have reviewed the above-referenced variance request and approve your request, based on the following factor:

- All applicable mitigation measures for the project shall be implemented at the subject location.

- The stipulations identified in the City of Hawthorne’s February 5, 1998 approval letter shall be implemented:

- Since the work at this crossing is not covered under the pipeline franchise agreement with the City of Hawthorne (the railroad has prior rights to Birch Avenue), additional provisions must be made to ensure that the indemnification and insurance requirements of the franchise agreement are extended to include this work.

- The trench repair must be in accordance with the City of Hawthorne’s standard (drawing no. A-718) and approved by the City’s Public Works Inspector.

- All necessary traffic control will be established by PPSI in accordance with the latest edition of the State of California’s Department of Transportation Manual of Traffic Controls for Construction and Maintenance Work Zones.

- At least one lane of traffic will remain open in each direction at all times. No excavations will be left open or unplated overnight.

- Erosion controls shall be implemented as soon as possible to prevent soil and debris from migrating from construction sites to streets. This should be put in place at all areas of construction including Birch Avenue.

- Replace any cracked, broken, or displaced sidewalks with the railroad right-of-way per the direction of the City of Hawthorne’s Public Works Inspector.

- Pipeline installation within Birch Avenue shall be completed within 10 working days.

- Implementation of this variance in accordance with the provisions noted above shall be verified on a random basis by a CPUC/ANF Environmental Monitor.


Andrew Barnsdale
Project Manager


cc: R. Borden, ANF
H. Rastegar, Aspen

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