Los Banos-Gates 500kV Transmission Project
Final Supplemental EIR (FSEIR)

Table of Contents


Cover Letter  
Table of Contents  
FSEIR Standalone Executive Summary
FSEIR Executive Summary  
A.  Comments and Responses to Comments
Appendix 1: Comments on Draft SEIR
[Note: Due to large file sizes, the comment letters in their entirety are not available on this website; however, all comment letters are available for review at the project repositories.]
Appendix 2:  Replacement Pages
[Note: The links to Appendix 2 include the appendix as it initially appeared with the Final SEIR (link directly above), and  the replacement pages inserted into the appropriate Draft SEIR sections (links below).]
Updated Draft SEIR Sections with Replacement Pages Inserted
Draft SEIR Executive Summary  
Draft SEIR Section B  
Draft SEIR Section C.2  Air Quality
Draft SEIR Section C.3  Biological Resources
Draft SEIR Section C.5  Geology, Soils, and Minerals  
Draft SEIR Section C.6  Hydrology and Water Resources
Draft SEIR Section C.7  Land Use and Recreation
Draft SEIR Section C.8  Socioeconomics and Public Services
Draft SEIR Section C.9  Public Safety, Health, and Nuisance
Draft SEIR Section C.10  Transportation and Traffic
Draft SEIR Appendix 4  Air Quality Emission Inventory Data

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