Southern California Edison Company's Riverway Substation Project

(Application A.06-06-004, filed June 1, 2006)


Proponent's Environmental Assessment

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Proponent's Environmental Assessment
Summary of Terms
Abbreviations and Acronyms
Executive Summary
1.0 Project Purpose and Need
2.0 Project Alternatives
3.0 Project Description
4.0 Environmental Impact Assessment
5.0 Comparison of Alternatives
6.0 Mandatory Findings of Significance

Figure 1-1. Regional Map
Figure 1-2. SCE Rector System within Electrical Needs Area
Figure 1-3. Substation Capacity and Peak Demand in Electrical Needs Area
Figure 2-1. Project Area
Figure 2-2. Proposed and Alternative Substation Sites and Subtransmission Routes (3.7 MB)
Figure 3-1. Proposed Substation Site and Subtransmission Route (3.1 MB)
Figure 3-2. Proposed Substation Site Diagram
Figure 3-3. Proposed Project Underground Subtransmission Route
Figure 3-4. Pole Proposed for Underground Subtransmission Route
Figure 4.1-1. Visual Simulation Viewpoint Location for Proposed Substation Site (3.5 MB)
Figure 4.1-2(a). Visual Simulation - Key Observation Point 1
Figure 4.2-1. Lands Under Williamson Act Contract (7.7 MB)
Figure 4.6-1. Soils Map
Figure 4.6-2. Regional Fault Map
Figure 4.8-1. Hydrology and FEMA Flood Boundaries in the Project Area
Figure 4.9-1. City of Visalia General Plan Land Use Designations for Project Area
Figure 4.9-2. City of Visalia Zoning Designations in the Project Area
Figure 4.9-3. Existing Land Uses in the Project Area
Figure 4.13-1. Schools within the Project Area (9.5 MB)
Figure 4.14-1. Recreational Areas within the Project Area (9.5 MB)
Figure 4.15-1. Truck Routes within the Project Area (8.1 MB)
Figure 6.4-1. Location of Projects for Cumulative Impact Analysis

Appendix A. CEQA Checklist (3.9 MB)
Appendix B. List of Preparers
Appendix C. List of Affected Property Owners
Appendix D. Public Involvement
Appendix E. Agency Consultations
Appendix F. Substation Capacity and Peak Demand Data
Appendix G. Telecommunications Route Map
Appendix H. SCE Proposed Measures
Appendix I. Projects Proposed in the Project Area
Appendix J. List of Permits and Requirements


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