This Environmental Impact Report (EIR) has been prepared under the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) to inform the public and to meet the needs of local, State, and Federal permitting agencies to consider the Carson to Norwalk Pipeline Project proposed by Santa Fe Pacific Pipeline Partners, L.P. (SFPP). The proposed project consists of a 13-mile pipeline that would carry petroleum products between the Cities of Carson and Norwalk, and modifications to existing pump stations in Carson, Norwalk, Industry, and Rialto.

This EIR evaluates and describes the environmental impacts that are expected to result from construction and operation of SFPP’s proposed Carson to Norwalk Pipeline Project. It also presents mitigation measures which, if adopted by the CPUC or other responsible agencies, could avoid or minimize the impacts identified.

This CEQA document reflects comments made by agencies and the public during the scoping and Notice of Preparation period. Two pubic scoping hearings were held to receive public and agency comments on the scope of this document.

An Informational Workshop and a Public Participation Hearing will be held to receive additional public and agency comments on this Draft EIR. A Final EIR will be prepared that will document and incorporate responses to comments on this Draft EIR. This EIR also identifies and evaluates alternatives to the Proposed Project. This EIR does not make a recommendation regarding the approval or denial of the project; it is purely informational in content. The EIR does compare alternatives and state which alternative is considered to be environmentally preferred.

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