The Impact Summary Tables which follow are a complete, condensed presentation of the significant environmental impacts and mitigation measures for the proposed Carson to Norwalk Pipeline Project and project alternatives. Full descriptions of the Proposed Project and each of the alternatives can be found in Part B of the EIR. The complete environmental analyses, along with the recommended mitigation measures for the Proposed Project and for each of the alternatives are set out fully in Part C of the EIR.

The Impact Summary Tables are organized first according to impact class and within each class according to issue area in the same order as presented in Part C of the EIR and in Section 4 of this Executive Summary. Reading from left to right across the tables, (1) each impact is described briefly, (2) the phase of the project life in which the impact would occur is given, and (3) the mitigation measure(s) is presented. When no mitigation measure is specified, this is so indicated. In-depth discussion of the three summary areas on the tables is located within Part C of the EIR. The tables summarize the significant impacts (Class I, II, and IV); Part C of the EIR presents a detailed description of these impacts as well as adverse but non-significant (Class III) impacts.

The following Impact Summary Tables comprise a stand-alone document and may be viewed as a convenient compilation of the core data presented in the EIR.

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