Pacific Gas & Electric Company's Proposed Seventh Standard Substation Project

(Application A.09-03-004, filed March 2, 2009)


Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration

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Notice of Intent
Title Page and Table of Contents
A. Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration
Project Description
Environmental Determination
B. Initial Study
B.1 Project Description
B.1.1 Project Title
B.1.2 Project Sponsor's Name and Address
B.1.3 Lead Agency Name and Address
B.1.4 Lead Agency Contact Person and Phone Number
B.1.5 Project Location
B.1.6 Surrounding Land Uses and Setting
B.1.7 General Plan Designation
B.1.8 Zoning
B.1.9 Project Overview
B.1.10 Project Components
B.1.11 Project Construction Methods
B.1.12 Operations and Maintenance
B.1.13 Applicant Proposed Measures
B.1.14 EMF Summary
B.1.15 Other Public Agencies Whose Approval is Required
Figure B-1. Regional Map
Figure B-2. Project Area
Figure B-3. Proposed Substation General Arrangement (embedded in document)
Figure B-4. Profile Drawing of 115 kV Switchrack and Bus Structures (embedded in document)
Figure B-5. Single Tubular Steel Pole (embedded in document)
Figure B-6a. Tubular Steel Pole Dead-End Structure #1 (embedded in document)
Figure B-6b. Tubular Steel Pole Dead-End Structure #2 (embedded in document)
Figure B-7. Typical TSP Structures (embedded in document)
B.2 Environmental Determination
B.2.1 Environmental Factors Potentially Affected
B.2.2 Environmental Determination
B.3 Environmental Analysis and Mitigation
B.3.1 Aesthetics
B.3.2 Agricultural Resources
B.3.3 Air Quality
B.3.4 Biological Resources
B.3.5 Cultural Resources
B.3.6 Geology and Soils
B.3.7 Hazards and Hazardous Materials
B.3.8 Hydrology and Water Quality
B.3.9 Land Use and Planning
B.3.10 Mineral Resources
B.3.11 Noise
B.3.12 Population and Housing
B.3.13 Public Services
B.3.14 Recreation
B.3.15 Transportation/Traffic
B.3.16 Utilities and Service Systems
B.3.17 Mandatory Findings of Significance
Figure B-8. View to East along Seventh Standard Road (embedded in document)
Figure B-9. View to Northeast from Shane Street (embedded in document)
Figure B-10. View to East along Seventh Standard Road (embedded in document)
Figure B-11. View to West along Seventh Standard Road (embedded in document)
Figure B-12. Existing View along Seventh Standard Road and Simulation
Figure B-13. Land Ownership
Figure B-14. Existing Land Use
Figure B-15. Zoning
Figure B-16. Planned Land Use
Figure B-17. Proposed Land Use
Figure B-18. Existing Sensitive Receptors
C. Mitigation Monitoring Plan
Appendix 1. List of Preparers
Appendix 2. References

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