Tri-Valley 2002 Capacity Increase Project

Draft Environmental Impact Report

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Executive Summary

  1. Introduction
  2. Description of Proposed Project and Alternatives
    Figure ES-1. Alternatives
    Figure ES-2. Environmentally Superior Project

  3. Public Participation and Areas of Controversy
  4. Environmental Impacts and Mitigation Measures
    4.1 Introduction
    4.2 Air Quality
    4.3 Biological Resources
    4.4 Cultural Resources
    4.5 Geology, Soils, and Paleontology
    4.6 Hydrology and Water Quality
  5. Comparison of Alternatives
  6. Mitigation Monitoring, Compliance, and Reporting Program
  7. Impact Summary Tables

A.  Introduction/Overview

A.1 History and Overview of Proposed Project
A.2 Description of Proposed Project and Alternatives
A.3 Agency Use of This Document
A.4 Reader's Guide
Figures for Section A: TBP

B.  Description of Proposed Project And Alternatives

B.1 Introduction
B.2 Description of the Proposed Project
B.3 Proposed Project Construction
B.4 Proposed Project Operation and Maintenance Procedures
B.5 Alternatives Overview and Screening
B.6 Description of Project Alternatives Analyzed in this EIR
B.7 No Project Alternative 

C.  Environmental Analysis
C.1  Introduction
C.2  Air Quality
C.8  Noise

D.  Comparison of Alternatives

D.1 Introduction
D.2 Comparsion Methodology
D.3 Environmental Superior "Build" Alternative
D.4 No Project Alternative Compared with the Environmentally Superior "Build" Scenario
D.5 Detailed Comparisons of Alternatives
E.  Other CEQA Considerations

D.1 Introduction
D.2 Comparison Methodology
D.3 Environmental Superior "Build" Alternative
D.4 No Project Alternative Compared with the Env

F.  Mitigation, Monitoring and Reporting

F.1 Authority for the Mitigation Monitoring, Compliance and Reporting Program
F.2 Organization of the Final Mitigation Monitoring Plan
F.3 Roles and Responsibilities
F.4 Enforcement Responsibility
F.5 Mitigation Compliance Responsibility
F.6 Dispute Resolution
F.7 General Monitoring Procedures
F.8 Condition Effectiveness Review
F.9 Mitigation Monitoring Program Tables

G.  Public Participation

G.1 Introduction
G.2 Public Participation Program
G.3 Public Review Period

H.  Glossary/Abbreviations/List of Preparers

H.1 Glossary and Abbreviation
H.2 Preparers of EIR And Their Qualifications
H.3 Draft EIR Distribution


1. Land Use Policy Consistency Analysis
Note: Appendices 2 and 3 are available only in hard copy at the repositories
2. Technology and Environmental Assessment Guide on Underground HV Power Transmission Year 2000 Update
3. PG&E Co. Information on Underground Transmission Lines

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