Southern California Edison
Proposed Viejo System Project

(Application A.03-03-043, filed March 21, 2003)

Proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration and Initial Study
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Cover Page, Front Matter, and Notice of Intent


Mitigated Negative Declaration

Initial Study
    Project Description
    Environmental Determination
    Environmental Analysis and Mitigation
    Fig. 1. Regional Vicinity Map
    Fig. 2. Proposed Substation Site and 66 kV Subtransmission Line Route
    Fig. 3. Santiago System Capacity and Peak Demand (see page 8 of Section B)
    Fig. 4. Proposed Viejo Substation Site Plan
    Fig. 5. Towers and Poles Proposed for Viejo Substation
    Fig. 6. Existing 66 kV Tubular Steel Poles (TSP) and Proposed H-Frames
    Fig. 7. Proposed Transmission/Subtransmission Line Configuration and Proposed H-Frame Locations (2.9 MB)
    Fig. 8. Proposed Telecommunications Line Route
    Fig. 9. Magnetic Field Levels (see page 28 of Section B)
    Fig. 10. Location of Key Viewpoints
    Fig. 11. Key Viewpoint 1 (Florence Joyner Olympiad Park) - Existing View
    Fig. 12. Key Viewpoint 1 (Florence Joyner Olympiad Park) - Simulation
    Fig. 13. Key Viewpoint 2 (Melinda Road) - Existing View
    Fig. 14. Key Viewpoint 2 (Melinda Road) - Simulation
    Fig. 15. Key Viewpoint 3 (Ponderosa) - Existing View
    Fig. 16. Key Viewpoint 3 (Ponderosa) - Simulation (2.5 MB)
    Fig. 17. Key Viewpoint 4 (Painted Trails) - Existing View
    Fig. 18. Key Viewpoint 4 (Painted Trails) - Simulation
    Fig. 19. Key Viewpoint 5 (Sweet Meadow) - Existing View (2.2 MB)
    Fig. 20. Key Viewpoint 5 (Sweet Meadow) - Simulation (2.3 MB)
    Fig. 21. Key Viewpoint 6 (Canyon Crest) - Existing View
    Fig. 22. Key Viewpoint 6 (Canyon Crest) - Simulation
    Fig. 23. Key Viewpoint 7 (Canyon Crest) - Existing View
    Fig. 24. Key Viewpoint 7 (Canyon Crest) - Simulation
    Fig. 25. Key Viewpoint 8 (Canyon Crest) - Existing View
    Fig. 26. Key Viewpoint 8 (Canyon Crest) - Simulation
    Fig. 27. Key Viewpoint 9 (Palmia) - Existing View
    Fig. 28. Key Viewpoint 9 (Palmia) - Simulation
    Fig. 29. Key Viewpoint 10 (Substation - El Toro Road) - Existing View
    Fig. 30. Key Viewpoint 10 (Substation - El Toro Road) - Simulation
    Fig. 31. Simulated View of Viejo Substation with Proposed Block Wall
    Fig. 32. Aliso Creek and San Juan Creek Watersheds (see page 103 of Section B)
    Fig. 33. Recreational Areas Along the Transmission Corridor (2.0 MB)

Mitigation Monitoring Program
  1. References
  2. List of Preparers and Reviewers
  3. Electric and Magnetic Fields and Other Field-Related Concerns
  4. Air Quality Calculations
  5. SCE Standard Best Management Practices
  6. Cumulative Projects List
  7. Work Area Protection and Traffic Control Manual

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