Competitive Local Carriers' Projects of Local Exchange Telecommunications Service throughout California

Decision 95-07-054 
Project Manager: John Boccio, (415) 703-2641, e-mail: 

The Commission processes petitions for Competitive Local Carriers on a quarterly basis, thereby combining the petitions received in the previous calendar quarter into one Commission decision.  Associated with each decision is a an environmental review of the impacts of these telecommunication projects.   Due to the limited impact of these projects the review is usually noticed by the issuance of a Negative Declaration.

Draft Negative Declarations posted for public review

The California Public Utilities Commission's Decision 95-07-054 enables telecommunications companies to compete with local telephone companies in providing local exchange service.  Previous to this decision, local telephone service was monopolized by a single utility per service territory.  The Commission initially received 66 petitions from companies to provide competitive local telephone service throughout areas presently served by Pacific Bell and GTE California. The 66 petitioners included cable television companies, cellular (wireless) companies,  long-distance service providers, local telephone service providers, and various other telecommunication companies that specialize in transporting data.

By Decision 97-09-115, the Commission extended the coverage of its rules, and authorized CLCs to file for authority to offer competitive local exchange service within the incumbent territories of Roseville Telephone Company and Citizens Telephone Company. 

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