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Final Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration

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Download the reader to view documents in Portable Document Format (PDF).  The PDF files show only the referenced route maps.

Maps of Regeneration Station Layouts



Figure Description

Document Size

Figure 2.5-1

Blythe Regeneration Site Layout (pdf)

84 Kb

Figure 2.5-2

Rice Regeneration Site Layout (pdf)

124 Kb

Figure 2.5-3

Twenty-nine Palms Regeneration Site Layout (pdf)

85 Kb

Figure 2.5-4

Linn Regeneration Site Layout (pdf)

82 Kb

Figure 2.5-5

Apple Valley Regeneration Site Layout (pdf)

134 Kb

Figure 2.5-6

El Mirage Regeneration Site Layout (pdf)

176 Kb

Maps of Regeneration Station Site Locations



Figure Description

Document Size

Figure 2.5-7

Blythe Regeneration Station Site Location (pdf)

175 Kb

Figure 2.5-8

Rice Regeneration Station Site Location (pdf)

185 Kb

Figure 2.5-9

Twenty-nine Palms Regeneration Station Site Location (pdf)

135 Kb

Figure 2.5-10

Linn Regeneration Station Site Location (pdf)

184 Kb

Figure 2.5-11

Apple Valley Regeneration Station Site Location (pdf)

167 Kb

Figure 2.5-12

El Mirage Regeneration Station Site Location (pdf)

103 Kb

Maps of Route


Figure Number

Figure Description

Document Size

Figure 2.2-1

ROW Location Map (pdf)

6295 Kb

Appendix B

Detailed Route Maps (21) w/Index Map (pdf)

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