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California Fiber Optic Expansion Project


Final Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration



Section Title

Document Size

Table of Contents

Table of Contents (pdf)

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List of Acronyms and Abbreviations (pdf)

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Executive Summary

Executive Summary (pdf)

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Chapter 1

Introduction (pdf)

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Chapter 2

Project Description (pdf)

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Chapter 3

Project Route Descriptions (pdf)

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Chapter 4

Environmental Setting, Impacts, and Mitigation Measures (pdf)

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Chapter 5

List of Preparers and Contributors (pdf)

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Chapter 6

References (pdf)

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Comments & Responses to Comments(pdf)

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Statement and Findings Checklists (pdf)

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Figure 1.1-1

General Location Map - Existing and Proposed Facilities (pdf)

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Figure 2.2-1

Typical Details of Direct Plow Method (pdf)

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Figure 2.2-2

Directional Drilling, Typical Plan and Profile (pdf)

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Figure 2.2-3

Typical Regenerator/OP-AMP Station Details (pdf)

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Figure 2.2-4

Typical Regenerator/OP-AMP Station Photo (pdf)

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*Appendix M of the Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration contains correspondence that are not available online. They can be found in the hard copy of the report at the local repositories.


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Table of Contents

Appendices Table of Contents (pdf)

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Appendix A.

Environmental Impact Assessment Summaries (pdf)
(CEQA Initial Study Checklists)

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Appendix B.

Permit Tables (pdf)

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Appendix C.

Route Maps (link)


Appendix D.

Mitigation Monitoring Plan (pdf)

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Appendix E.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (pdf)

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Appendix F.

Fire Prevention And Response Plan (pdf)

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Appendix G.

Environmental Clearance Compliance Checklist (pdf)

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Appendix H.

Construction Clearance Authorization Form (pdf)

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Appendix I.

Biological Species Lists and CNDDB Maps
      Northern California Interconnection Projects (pdf)
      Los Angeles to Ontario Longhaul Route (pdf)
      Ontario to San Diego Longhaul Route (pdf)

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Appendix J.

Wetland Determination (pdf)
       Wetland Determination Stream Crossing and
             Bordering Wetlands Location Maps (link)

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Appendix K.

Botanical Study (pdf)
       Appendix A - Ontario to San Diego Longhaul Route Maps
           Botany Data Collection Points (link)
       Appendix B - Photos of Vegetation Types Taken Along
           the Project Route (pdf)

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Appendix L.

Paleontological Resources Assessment Reports (pdf)

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Appendix M.

Consultation And Coordination (pdf)

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