Southern California Edison
Valley-Ivyglen Subtransmission Line and Fogarty Substation Project

(Application No. A. 07-01-031 filed January 16, 2007 and A. 07-04-028 filed April 30, 2007)



Final Environmental Impact Report

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Notice of Availability 
Cover Page
Table of Contents
1.  Introduction 
  1.1  Background and Project Overview
1.2  Final Environmental Impact Report
1.3  Decision-Making Process
2.  Summary of Public Participation 
  2.1  Notice of Preparation and Public Scoping
2.2  Notice of Availability of the Draft EIR and Public Review
3.  Draft EIR Comments and Responses 
  3.1  List of Commenters and Responses
3.2  Comments and Responses to Comments
A.  Comments from Public Agencies  (5 MB)
B.  Comments from Individuals  (5 MB)
C.  Transcript of Comments from Public Meetings  (3 MB)
D.  Comments from Applicant
4Revisions to the Draft EIR
  4.1  Executive Summary
4.2  Chapter A:  Introduction
4.3  Chapter B:  Description of Proposed Project
4.4  Chapter C:  Alternatives
4.5  Chapter D:  Environmental Analysis
4.6  Chapter E:  Comparison of Alternatives
4.7  Chapter F:  Other CEQA Considerations
4.8  Chapter G:  Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting
4.9  Chapter H:  Public Participation
4.10  Chapter I:  References
4.11  Revised Figures
5.  Updated Cumulative Scenario and Revised Biological Resources Sections  (5 MB)
  B.7  Cumulative Scenario (Updated)
D.4  Biological Resources (Revised)
6.  Updated Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting 
A:  Final Biological Technical Report for the Valley-Ivyglen Transmission Line Project
  Volume I  (3 MB)
Volume II - Maps  (50 MB)

B:  Final Biological Technical Report for the Fogarty Substation Project

C:  Draft Burrowing Owl Survey Report for the Valley-Ivyglen Transmission Line Project  (4 MB)

D:  Draft Focused Surveys for the Least Bellís Vireo, Southwestern Willow Flycatcher, and Western Yellow-Billed Cuckoo for the Valley-Ivyglen Transmission Line Project  (3 MB)

E:  Draft MSHCP Narrow Endemic and Criteria Area Plant Species Surveys for the Valley-Ivyglen Transmission Line Project

F:  Focused Surveys for the Least Bellís Vireo and Southwestern Willow Flycatcher Valley-Ivyglen Subtransmission Line Project

G:  Draft Results of Focused Surveys for Listed Fairy Shrimp Species for the Proposed Valley-Ivyglen Subtransmission Line Project  (9 MB)

H:  Draft Biological Resources Report Valley-Ivyglen Transmission Project
  Volume I
Volume II  - Maps (62 MB)
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