1. The proposed substation site is covered with asphalt and provides few habitat values even for common wildlife species. Along Corona Road, the surrounding grasslands to the north and east were mowed and disked, respectively, and support ruderal vegetation typical of highly disturbed environments. Neither special status plant and wildlife species nor their habitats occur within 250 feet of the project site, and therefore no impact would occur.

  2. Approximately seven of the twenty-five coastal redwood trees located on the northern perimeter of the substation site, and up to six eucalyptus trees on the southern border of the site, would be removed. Replacement plantings would include a combination consistent with the City of Petaluma list of approved street trees. These trees are not considered locally or regionally significant, and their loss would not be significant.

  3. There are no locally designated natural communities in or near the project area; therefore, no impact would occur.

  4. No wetland habitat occurs at the project site or could be potentially impacted by the proposed project; therefore, no impact would occur. No direct impacts to the drainage canal along the north side of Corona Road would occur. Deposition of silt in the canal may occur during construction through runoff (see Section IV. Water). The proposed planting of riparian vegetation and native grasslands along the drainage channel north of Corona Road would result in a net beneficial impact.

  5. The substation site is within the Service Center that is fenced and covered with asphalt, and does not function as a wildlife dispersal or migration corridor. The proposed project would not impact any off-site wildlife dispersal or migration corridors. Proposed landscaping along Corona Road would provide a slightly, but not significantly, improved habitat area for wildlife.
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