1. The project is not a land use that would directly increase population within the community, such as by adding housing units. The project is designed to accommodate projected growth in Sonoma County, including the City of Petaluma and the community of Penngrove, by providing additional electrical power to a system where the existing electrical capacity will not meet projected needs in the near future. No new public or private projects are anticipated to be directly initiated as a result of construction and operation of the substation. Therefore, no impact would occur because the project would not exceed existing population projections or induce substantial growth in an area.

  3. See section II.a, above. No impact.

  5. No housing units are located on the project site. No houses would have to be moved or removed for the project. While the project may be regarded as unaesthetic by residents of nearby houses and mobile homes, it would not likely indirectly cause those residences to be sold or abandoned. Therefore, the project would have no impact on existing houses.
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