The following index is intended to guide the readers to find the major responses pertaining to a specific topic. This index is not intended to be a comprehensive cross-reference for every topic or questions, or every response.

Aesthetics: CRB-27

Agreements: CSBPD-3

Air Quality: CCC-3, CRB-11, CRB-13, CRC-12, CSBPD-2, CSBPD-3, CSBPD-4, EDC-2, EDC-4, EDC-5

Alternatives: CRB-13

Attainment/Nonattainment Status: EDC-2

Biological Resources: CRB-11, CRC-13

California Coastal Commission: CCC-1, CCC-2, CCC-3, CRB-7, EDC-6

Capacity Factors: CSBPD-6, L&B-5

Caselaw (Precedent): EDC-3, L&B-2, L&B-4

CEQA Process: CCC-1, CCC-3, CRB-1, CRB-2, E-2, E-3, E-5, E-6, EDC-6, L&B-2, SCH-1

Coastal Issues: CRB-7, EDC-6

Comments Ignored: CRC-1, CRC-2

Contamination: CCC-2, CRB-4, CRC-3, CRC-11B, CRC-14

Cool Water Power Plant: E-4

CPUC Code Section 367: E-6

CPUC Code Section 377: E-6

Cultural Resources: CRB-3

Cumulative Impacts: CRC-4, CRC-5

Decommissioning: CCC-2

Demolition: CRC-3, CRC-4, CRC-14

DIS: CSBPD-1, E-3, E-6

EIR: CCC-1, CRB-0, EDC-4, L&B-2, L&B-8, L&B-9

Ellwood Power Plant: CSBPD-4, CSBPD-5, EDC-1, EDC-5, EDC-6, L&B-1, L&B-5

EMF: L&B-1, L&B-5, L&B-9

Emissions Inventory: CCC-3, CRB-11, CRB-13

Etiwanda Power Plant: CRC-1, CRC-2, CRC-3, CRC-4, CRC-5, CRC-6, CRC-7, CRC-8 CRC 9, CRC-10, CRC-11A, CRC-12, CRC-13, CRC-14, CRC-15

Future Regulation: CCC-2

Generation (System, Economics, Operation): CSBPD-4

Geologic Hazards: CRC-9, CRC-10

Hazardous Air Pollutants: CRC-12

Hazardous Materials: CRB-2, CRB-8, CRB-11, CRB-18, CRC-11B, CRC-14, CSBPD-5

Health Hazard: CRB-2, L&B-5, L&B-7

Highgrove Power Plant: CRC-6, E-9A

Huntington Beach Power Plant: E-9B

Increased Operations: CRB-10, CRB-11, EDC-3, EDC-5, CSBPD-2

Initial Study: CRB-10, CRB-11, CRB-12, CRB-14, CRB-16, CRB-17, CRB-18, CRB-19, CRB-20, CRB-21, CRB-22, CRB-23, CRB-24, CRB-25, CRB-26, CRB-27, CRB-28, CRC-1, CRC-2, E-1, E-2, E-8

Jurisdiction: CRB-8

Land Use & Planning: CRB-2, CRB-7, CRB-9, CRB-12, CRB-13, CRB-15, CRB-16, CRB-22, CRB-27, CRC-7, CRC-8, CSBPD-3

Legal Action: L&B-6

Liability: CRB-4

Market Issues (Direct Access, Market Power, Spot Market, etc.): E-8


Mitigation Measures: CRB-0, CRB-18, CRB-19, CRB-24, CRB-26, E-1, E-4, E-7, L&B-9

Must-Run: CSBPD-4

Negative Declaration: CCC-2, CCC-3, CRB-0, CRB-3, CRB-4, CRB-5, CRB-6, CRB-7, CRB-8, CRB-12, CRC-1, CRC-2, CSBPD-1, E-1, E-4, E-7, E-8, EDC-6, L&B-1, L&B-6

No Comment: DOT-1

Noise: CRB-2, CRB-11, CRB-13, CRB-20, CRB-21, CRB-23, CRB-24


Other CEQA Projects: EDC-6, CSBPD-4, L&B-3, L&B-5, L&B-6, L&B-7

PEA: E-3, E-5

Permitting: CRB-8

Pollution Control Technology: CCC-3

Population & Housing: CRC-6, CRC-8, L&B-3, L&B-4, L&B-5, L&B-7

Project Description: CCC-1, CRB-12, CRB-16, CRB-22, CRC-2, CSBPD-1, EDC-1, E-2, E-5, E-9A, E-9B, E-9C

Public Health/Safety: CRB-2, CSBPD-2

Public Services (Facilities Police, Fire Protection, etc.): CRB-19, CRB-25, CRB-28

Recreation: CRB-28, CRC-15

Redondo Power Plant: CRB-0, CRB-1, CRB-2, CRB-3, CRB-4, CRB-5, CRB-6, CRB-7, CRB-8, CRB-9, CRB-10, CRB-11, CRB-12, CRB-13, CRB-14, CRB-15, CRB-16, CRB-17, CRB-18, CRB-19, CRB-20, CRB-21, CRB-22, CRB-23, CRB-24, CRB-25, CRB-26, CRB-27, CRB-28, E-9C

Reliability: CSBPD-4

Repowering: CRB-13, CRB-14

San Bernardino Power Plant: CRC-6



Sensitive Receptors: CRB-21, CRB-23, CRC-12

Site-Specific Impacts/Issues: CRB-5, L&B-7, L&B-8

Speculation: CSBPD-3

Toxics: CCC-2, CRB-4

Typographical Errors: CRB-2, CRB-5

Underground Storage Tanks: CRB-17

Utilities & Services: CRB-8, CRC-11A


Wastewater/Sewage: CRB-26

Water: CRB-2, CRC-11A, CRC-11B