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Department of Transportation
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September 8, 1997

Mitigated Neg. Dec. & Initial Study
So. California Edison Co. Application No. 96-11-046
Proposal for Divestiture

Mr. Bruce Kaneshiro
California Public Utilities Commission
225 Bush Street, Suite 1700
San Francisco, CA 94104

Dear Mr. Kaneshiro:

Thank you for including the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) in the environmental review process for the project referenced above. The project consists of the proposed sale of 12 electric generation facilities. These facilities are currently under single ownership and would be offered for sale at auction.

[Begin DOT-1]
Based on the information received we have no comment at this time. However, we do believe that new projects resulting from the sale of these assets should be submitted for environmental review.
[End DOT-1]

If you have any questions regarding this response please reference IGR/CEQA #970907, and call me at (213) 897-4429 or Cheryl Powell IGR/CEQA Coordinator for the project at (213) 897-3747.


IGR/CEQA Program Manager
Transportation Planning Office


Chris Belsky
State Clearinghouse