September 18, 1998


Mr. Bruce Kaneshiro
Project Manager
c/o Environmental Science Associates
225 Bush Street, Suite 1700
San Francisco, California 94104

Re: Draft Environmental Impact Report Regarding Pacific Gas and Electric Company's Application for Authorization to Sell Certain Generating Plants and Related Assets (Application No. 98-01-008)

Dear Mr. Kaneshiro:

Union Oil Company of California ("Unocal"), NEC Acquisition Company ("NEC") and Thermal Power Company ("Thermal") (collectively, "U-N-T"), have reviewed the referenced Draft Environmental Impact Report ("DEIR") for Pacific Gas and Electric Companyís ("PG&Eís") proposed divestiture of certain generating assets pursuant to Application No. 98-01-008. This letter summarizes U-N-Tís review and provides comments on the DEIRís analysis and conclusions as it pertains to the Sonoma County Geysers Power Plant Units. U-N-Tís specific comments are as follows:

Alternative 3 - The Geysers Plants Are Sold To The Steam Field Operators

[Begin P1] [Begin P2]

Generation Data

[Begin P3] [Begin P4] [Begin P5]

Santa Rosa Reclaimed Water Geysers Recharge Project

[Begin P6] [Begin P7] [Begin P8]

Capacity Factors

[Begin P9]

Steam Stacking and Puff

[Begin P10] [Begin P11]

Natural Resources

[Begin P12]

Steam Sales Agreement

[Begin P13]

Cooling Tower Drift

[Begin P14]

Other Miscellaneous Comments

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Again, U-N-T appreciate the opportunity to comment on the DEIR. Please contact me at (619) 236-1234 if you have any questions or require any additional information.

Lisa P. Gomez
Attorneys for Union Oil Company of California, NEC Acquisition Company, and Thermal Power Company

cc: Joel H. Mack, Esq.
Loretta Mabinton, Esq.
Joseph E. Ronan, Esq.

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