Name: Richard and Sandy Baldwin
Address: 233 Heron Dr.
Pittsburg, CA
Telephone: (529) 473-1781

Comment: The concerns about PG&E and the power plant in Pittsburg exist on more than one level, the most dramatic and certainly the one that pertains to the most people relates to the impact on our environment and more specifically the impact on the health of the citizenry that live within close range of the plant. I am convinced that the studies have not covered this with enough of a microscope to assure us that all bases have been covered. I am very worried about it, but I will leave the details of studying this to those more expert than myself. My concerns have to do with social responsibility and lack of same that has gone into the study of the problem.

Pollution comes in many forms, my concern has to do with sound pollution and what the roar of the plant has done to my serenity, how it has impacted my life and living system.

I have lived in Marina Park for almost 2 years and our primary concern when we chose to purchase here was the neighborhood, how stable was it. The diversity of people in the community was a draw for us because we had felt so isolated in suburbia. We were missing out on exposure to other cultures and people with divergent issues, divergent ethnicity. We have been very content with that part of the experience. The pain has come with the deafening roar of the power plant.

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It robs us of an outside life, patio pleasure, of sleep that is sound and uninterrupted; of serenity in our own home because of the silt that accumulates on tables; in curtains, on tables, disguised as dust.

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But most importantly, the continuous roar and when I hear of expansion and the fact that the Pittsburg plant is not state of the art and that more and more pressure is going to be placed upon it, that means to me, more roar, more silt and a lack of concern that PG&E is willing to give it.

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We have a community here, there is plenty of open, unencumbered territory for use as land for a power plant. It was suggested as an alternative at the meeting. Why? Why? Why? Must the little guy who is not a corporation, who doesnít come with credentials that/will make a dent in the large, very large, utility. WHY...must he bite the bullet and endure? I donít think so, I believed that that there are alternatives and I am confident that PG&E has the resources and the willingness to explore them, to assure that the people who daily rely upon them for their power source, will also be able to find some common ground to solve the problems that so trouble the residents of Marina Park.

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I look forward to future discussion and will not give up in an effort to get the problem solved. The quality of life for the citizens of this area and for that matter, all citizens, should be first and foremost on the minds of the utility that serves us. Social responsibility begins with them. It must.

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