Name: Anthony/Sara Chavez
Address: 218 Pelican Loop
Pittsburg, CA 94565

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Comment: We do not feel that heavy industrialization is the key to redevelopment of a beautiful Delta City like Pittsburg, CA. Are we using Pittsburg, PA. as a format??? Pittsburg is already too industrialized. PG&E has not been a good neighbor over the nine years we have resided here. Black/grey residue, loud irregular pressure releases (any time day or nite). Environmental alerts at both Dow Chemical and PG&E. Pittsburg does not need pollution, rolling semiís, torn-up streets and diminished real estate values.

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Our retirement move to this community was motivated by peace, serenity, water and friendly community living.

The City of Pittsburg will shatter all positive hopes for further suburban development if they allow this proposed power plant to be added to a top-heavy industrialization now in place.

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