November 12, 1998
Andrew Barnsdale
California Public Utilities Commission
225 Bush Street
San Francisco, CA 94104

Subject: SDG&E Application No. 97-12-039
SCH#: 98101034

Dear Andrew Barnsdale:

[Begin I1]

The State Clearinghouse submitted the above named environmental document to selected state agencies for review. The review period is closed and none of the state agencies have comments. This letter acknowledges that you have complied with the State Clearinghouse review requirements for draft environmental documents, pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act.

[End I1]

Please call the State Clearinghouse at (916) 445-0613 if you have any questions regarding the environmental review process. When contracting the Clearinghouse in this matter, please use the eight-digit State Clearinghouse number so that we may respond promptly.

Antero A. Rivasplata
Chief, State Clearinghouse

Notice of Completion and Environmental Document Transmittal Form

Note: Included with this comment was the Notice of Completion Document Transmittal Form. Since this cannot be reasonably duplicated here on this web page it is not available electronically. Should the viewer require a copy of this, please contact Webmaster for a printed copy.

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