1. As described in Sections VII, Biological Resources, and XIV, Cultural Resources, the project is not anticipated to have biological or cultural resources impacts.

  2. The proposed project facilities would be consistent with long-term regional and area goals for establishing reliable power to support planned regional growth. PG&E, in coordination with the CPUC, also has established programs and incentives for conservation of energy resources. As discussed below under Section XVI.c, the availability of electrical supply is considered growth-accommodating. Therefore, implementation of the project would have no impact related to the achievement of short-term goals to the disadvantage of long-term environmental goals.

  3. The minor physical changes to the environment at the project sites would not have any cumulatively considerable impacts. The proposed facilities would occur at existing PG&E facilities and would be compatible with surrounding land uses in the vicinity and consistent with Sonoma County plans and policies.

  4. The proposed facilities respond to electrical load growth in a limited geographical area. No public projects are anticipated to be directly initiated as a result of construction and operation of the substations.

    Measures to minimize any impacts have been incorporated into the project. Therefore, the cumulative effects of the proposed facilities on the environmental resources discussed in this document would be considered to have a less than significant impact.

  5. As described in Section IX, Hazards, the project is not anticipated to cause substantial adverse effects on human beings, either directly or indirectly. Therefore, the project would have no impact related to adverse effect on human beings.

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