1. The proposed facilities would not introduce any uses that would generate building square footage or increased population that would typically require additional fire protection services. The Geysers site is currently served by the California Department of Forestry and the Geyserville Fire Protection District. Vehicles would be able to respond to the site in 30-45 minutes and helicopters within 5-15 minutes. The Fulton site is served by the Rincon Valley Fire Protection District, which would have a 5 minute response time to the site. The project would not create any new demand for fire suppression services. While project construction at the Geysers site could result in accidental fires and the new power line could produce arcing that might spark a fire, the hazard is similar to that present throughout the Geysers and would not present a substantial increase in the hazard. Therefore, no increase in fire suppression services would result. The Fulton site is cleared of vegetation and no increase in fire hazards would result.

  2. The County of Sonoma Sheriff Department serves the two project sites. The closest station to both sites is the Sonoma County Sheriff Office located at 600 Administration Drive in Santa Rosa. Response times would be 5-30 minutes to the Fulton site and 10-60 minutes to the Geysers site. The proposed project would not introduce any uses that would increase population or create any other use and activity, which would typically require additional police protection services during operation. The project potentially may require the occasional use of police services during construction. Theft of construction equipment and/or vandalism might occur during the construction period, requiring a police response. The use of police services would be a temporary construction related impact and would not be expected to affect police services substantially. The Geysers site is located in a remote area without public access and the Fulton site is fenced, and therefore not accessible to the general public. Services to be provided by the Sheriff’s Department would fall in the typical range of response of any development in the service areas. Therefore, the project would have a less than significant impact on police services.

  3. The proposed facilities would not introduce any uses that would increase population, which would typically require additional school services. Therefore, the project would have no impact on school or other community services (also see Section II, Population and Housing).

  4. The proposed project would not require additional maintenance of public facilities during its operation. Maintenance of the facilities at the two sites would continue to be handled by PG&E. Tree trimming in portions of landscaped areas along Highway 101 would be the continuing responsibility of Caltrans. Therefore, the project would have no impact on public facilities.

  5. No project impacts to other government services (such as health care, libraries, social services, and County administration) are anticipated within Sonoma County.

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