1. Long-term traffic impacts (i.e., increase in traffic or congestion) are not anticipated, as the proposed project would not generate trips or alter any public roads. Additional workers would not be needed to operate the project once facilities are completed. Minor short-term increases in traffic resulting from construction activities are expected. The traffic increase would be limited to 10 workers arriving and leaving each day at each site. Twenty daily vehicle trips are expected at each site. Construction is expected to last approximately ten weeks at the Geysers site and take approximately thirteen weeks at the Fulton site.

  2. During construction at the Fulton site, temporary road and lane closure would not be necessary. Surrounding roads are anticipated to accommodate the minor increase in commuting worker vehicle trips resulting from the proposed facilities. Construction at this site would not close any traffic lanes and therefore would not affect traffic flows on Highway 101 or River Road.

    Construction at the Geysers site would require the temporary closure of an existing access road. This road is a private road that is closed to the public. The road closure would occur for a maximum of a few hours to string the conductors for the 115 kV power line. The timing of the closure would be coordinated with Geysers-area entities to avoid impacts to other users in the steam field.

  3. There are no proposed roadway modifications to existing roads as a result of the proposed project. No impact related to traffic safety hazards from design features would occur.
  4. The proposed facilities at the Geysers and Fulton sites would not alter emergency access or access to nearby uses.

  5. The proposed project would not generate parking demand because operation of the facilities would not require additional staff. Project construction would require little parking for workers, and this could be accommodated with existing parking areas at the two sites. Therefore, no impact would occur to parking demand.

  6. The proposed project sites are secured areas without public access. Therefore, impact with respect to pedestrian and bicyclist safety is not anticipated.

  7. The proposed facilities would not create a demand for site visits and would not affect operations of existing public transportation. No conflict with transportation policies would occur; therefore, no impact to transportation policies would occur.

  8. No rail, waterborne, or air traffic is located near either the Geysers or Fulton sites.

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