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Pacific Gas & Electric Company's Hollister 115 kV Power Line Reconductoring Project

(Application A.09-11-016)

Proponents Environmental Assessment (PEA)

Note: The PEA is prepared by a consultant working for PG&E and is submitted to the CPUC as part of their application process. A PEA represents the Applicant's own environmental review of its project. It is presented here for informational purposes and should not be confused with CEQA documents prepared by an independent consultant for the CPUC that represent the CPUC's own review of the proposed project.

Files linked on this page are in Portable Document Format (PDF). To view them, you will need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader if it is not already installed on your PC. Note: For best results in displaying the largest files (see sizes shown in parentheses below for files larger than 3.0 MB), right-click the file's link, click "Save Target As" to download the file to a folder on your hard drive, then browse to that folder and double-click the downloaded file to open it in Acrobat.

To view the Application for the project click here.

PEA Sections (for figures see below)

Cover, Table of Contents, and Acronyms [pdf]
Section 1- Executive Summary [pdf]
Section 2 - Project Purpose and Need [pdf]
Section 3 - Project Description [pdf]
Section 4 - Affected Environment Introduction [pdf]

4.1 Aesthetics [pdf]
4.2 Agricultural Resources [pdf]
4.3 Air Quality [pdf]
4.4 Biological Resources [pdf]
4.5 Cultural Resources [pdf]
4.6 Geology, Soils, and Seismicity [pdf]
4.7 Hazards and Hazardous Materials [pdf]
4.8 Hydrology and Water Quality [pdf]
4.9 Land Use and Planning [pdf]
4.10 Mineral Resources [pdf]
4.11 Noise [pdf]
4.12 Population and Housing [pdf]
4.13 Public Services [pdf]
4.14 Recreation [pdf]
4.15 Transportation and Traffic [pdf]
4.16 Utilities and Service Systems [pdf]
4.17 Growth-Inducing and Cumulative Impacts [pdf]

Section 5 - Applicant's Proposed Measures [pdf]
Section 6 - List of Preparers [pdf]


Note: the indicated revised figures below were provided by PG&E in response to data request #1

3-1 Regional Overview Map [pdf]
3-2 Index of Alignment Sheets [pdf] revised
3-3 to 3-19 Alignment Sheets [pdf 10.4mb] revised
3-20 Typical Towers [pdf]
3-21 Typical Tubular Steel Poles (TSPs) and Light-Duty Steel (LDS) Poles [pdf]
4.1-1 Scenic Highway Corridors and Visual Sensitivity-North Monterey County [pdf]
4.1-2 Locations of Key Viewpoints and Visual Simulations [pdf] revised
4.1-3 to 4.1-6 Existing Site Conditions [pdf]
4.1-7 Existing and Simulated Views of Power Line, Looking South from Avenida del Piero near
Calle San Antonio [pdf]
4.1-8 Existing and Simulated Views of Power Line, Looking West along Rocks Road near
Avenida del Piero [pdf 3.31mb]
4.1-9 Existing and Simulated Views of Power Line, Looking East from Wright Road [pdf] revised
4.2-1 to 4.2-3 Land Use figures [pdf] revised
4.4-1a/b CNDDB Records [pdf 5.72mb]
4.4-2 to 4.4-12 Land Cover [pdf 6.11mb] revised
4.4-13 to 4.4-17 Aquatic Resources [pdf 11.1mb] revised
4.5-1 to 4.5-4 Cultural Resources Sensitivity [pdf 3.39mb] revised
4.6-1 Principal Faults in Project Vicinity [pdf] revised
4.6-2 to 4.6-12 Soils [pdf 7.54mb] revised
4.7-1 Hazardous Waste Sites [pdf] revised
4.8-1 to 4.8-2 Water and Flood Maps [pdf 3.73mb] revised
4.9-1 to 4.9-2 Land Use and Zoning Maps [pdf] revised
4.10-1 Mineral Resources [pdf] revised
4.14-1 Recreational Resources [pdf] revised
4.15-1 Roadway Network [pdf] revised


Appendix A - Common and Scientific Names of Plant Species Identified in the Project Area [pdf]
Appendix B - Common and Scientific Names of Wildlife Species Identified in the Project Area [pdf]
Appendix C - Documentation of Native American Consultation [pdf]
Appendix D - Electric and Magnetic Fields [pdf]
Appendix E - Preliminary Jurisdictional Determination Form [pdf]
Appendix F - Preliminary Delineation of Wetlands and Other Waters of the United States [pdf]

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