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PG&E Lakeville-Sonoma 115 kV Transmission Line Project

PG&E Lakeville-Sonoma 115 kV Transmission Line Project
Proponent's Environmental Assessment (PEA)

Note: The PEA is prepared by a consultant working for PG&E and is submitted to the CPUC as part of their application process. It is presented here for informational purposes and should not be confused with the CEQA documents also presented on this which are prepared by an independent consultant for the CPUC.

Cover & Table of Contents [pdf894kb]
 1 - Executive Summary [pdf81kb]
 2 - Project Description [pdf1.1mb]
 3 - Alternatives [pdf7.1mb]
 4 - Checklist [pdf121kb]
 5 - Air Quality [pdf158kb]
 6 - Biological Resources [pdf13.4mb]
 7 - Cultural Resources [pdf1.5mb]
 8 - Energy & Utilities [pdf86kb]
 9 - Geology and Soils [pdf738kb]
10 - Hydrology and Water Quality [pdf7.6mb]
11 - Land Use, Plans, and Policies [pdf775kb]
12 - Noise [pdf356kb]
13 - Public Health [pdf541kb]
14 - Traffic [pdf90kb]
15 - Visual [pdf8.1mb]
16 - Current Effects [pdf116kb]
17 - Growth [pdf74kb]
18 - Cumulative Impacts [pdf113kb]
19 - MMRP [pdf108kb]


A Erosion Control and Restoration Plan [pdf3.6mb]
B Sonoma County Native and Heritage Tree Ordinances [pdf279kb]
C Visual Simulations [pdf13.9mb]
D Affected Property Owners [pdf103kb]
E List of Preparers [pdf42kb]
F Glossary [pdf61kb]
G Native American Contacts [pdf84kmb]
H Electric and Magnetic Fields [pdf111kb]
I Construction Plan [pdf96kb]
J Sudden Oak Death Guidelines [pdf73kb]