1. The proposed project would not be energy consumptive during operation. Minor amounts of fuel would be required for construction activities. Operation of the project would not encourage the use of excessive amounts of electricity by industry, commerce, or residents served by the Monta Vista/Wolfe/Stelling substations. The project would not conflict with energy conservation policies, and therefore no impact would occur.

  2. The proposed project would use a variety of widely available non-renewable materials for construction of the facilities, including aggregate, asphalt, iron and related minerals used in manufacturing steel, mineral oil, and fuel to power construction vehicles and equipment. Long-term operation would require only a minor amount of fuel for site inspection vehicles. Proposed construction and operation of the project would not involve the wasteful use of non-renewable resources; therefore, no impact would occur.

  3. The project site has no known mineral, oil, gas, geothermal, or aggregate resources. The proposed project would not affect the availability of these resources; therefore, no impact would occur.

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