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Southern California Gas Company's Application to sell Properties in Playa del Rey CPUC A.00-05-059

Southern California Gas Company's Application to
Value and Sell Surplus Property at Playa del Rey and
Marina del Rey Initial Study

Initial Study in its entirety [5.6mb]



         Evaluation of Environmental Impacts [pdf 30kb]
     I.  Aesthetics [pdf 226kb]
    II.  Agricultural Resources [pdf 537kb]
   III.  Air Quality [pdf 49kb]
   IV.  Biological Resources [pdf 34kb]
    V.  Cultural Resources [pdf 24kb]
   VI.  Energy [pdf 28kb]
  VII.  Geology and Soils [pdf 44kb]
 VIII.  Hazards and Hazardous Materials [pdf 53kb]
   IX.  Hydrology and Water Quality [pdf 55kb]
    X.  Land Use and Planning [pdf 21kb]
   XI.  Mineral Resources [pdf 21kb]
  XII.  Noise [pdf 30kb]
 XIII.  Population and Housing [pdf 28kb]
 XIV.  Public Services [pdf 26kb]
  XV.  Recreation [pdf 343kb]
 XVI.  Transportation / Traffic [pdf 31kb]
XVII.  Utilities and Services Systems [pdf 30kb]
   XII.  Mandatory Findings of Significance [pdf 22kb]

REFERENCES [pdf 15kb]


A.  Background Information for Abandoned Wells and Clusters [pdf 14kb]
B.  Air Quality Background Information [pdf 30kb]
C.  Biology Background Information [pdf 62kb]
D.  Cultural and Historical Background Information [pdf 32kb]
E.  Geology and Soils Background Information [pdf 59kb]
F.  Hazards and Hazardous Materials Background Information [pdf 521kb]
G.  Hydrology and Water Quality Background Information [pdf 13kb]
H.  Land Use Background Information [pdf 565kb]
I.  Noise Background Information [pdf 29kb]