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Southern California Gas Company / San Diego Gas & Electric Fiber in Gas A.02-03-061

Welcome to the CPUC website dedicated to the communication of the environmental review process to the public. This website contains information related to the environmental review of Southern California Gas Company (SCG) / San Diego Gas and Electric’s (SDG&E) (A.02-03-061) “Fiber in Gas” Project. SCG/SDG&E have submitted a proposal(s) to the CPUC requesting authorization to implement a new service allowing telecommunications carriers and cable television companies (Carriers) to place fiber optic cable in conduit previously installed by SCG/SDG&E. The new service would allow SCG/SDG&E to install conduit within its active gas pipelines using a proposed technology referred to as “fiber-in-gas” or “FIG.” The new service would establish tariff rates, terms and conditions allowing Carriers to place fiber optic cable in previously installed conduit in active gas pipelines.

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