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CPUC Environmental Review Site for Sempra Communications A.00-02-020

Final Program Environmental Impact Report for Sempra Communications' Application for a Certification of Public Convenience and Necessity CPUC A.00-02-020

Chapters 1 through 3 [1.9mb]


SUMMARY SHEET [pdf 53kb]

1.0  INTRODUCTION [pdf 73kb]

[pdf 630kb]
       2.1  Master Response
       2.2  Agency Meeting Comments and Responses
       2.3  Comments and Responses
       A.    United States and Wildlife Service
                  Jack A. Blackwell – Regional Forester [pdf 108kb]
       B.    US Fish and Wildlife Service
                  Pete Sorensen – Acting Assistant Field Supervisor [pdf 237kb]
       C.    California Department of Fish & Game – South Coast Region
                  William Tippets – Environmental Program Manager [pdf 113kb]
       D.    Native American Heritage Commission
                  Rob Wood – Environmental Specialist III [pdf 98kb]
       E.    California Department of Transportation
                  Richard Felkins – Coordinator Intergovernmental Review Program [pdf 171kb]
       F.    Marin County Community Development Agency
                  Ben Berto, AICP – Principal Planner [pdf 148kb]
       G.    Marin County Department of Public Works
                  Eric Steger – Associate Engineer [pdf 109kb]
       H.    Marin Telecommunications Agency
                  Martin J. Nichols – Executive Director [pdf 90kb]
       I.    County of Sacramento Public Works Agency
                  Jeffrey E. Clark, P.E., T.E. – Senior Civil Engineer [pdf 89kb]
       J.    City of San Ramon
                  Beatrice Duffy – Associate Planner [pdf 109kb]
       K.    Sempra Energy Global Enterprises
                  Grant Wright – External Affairs, Regulatory Policy & Analysis [pdf 128kb]
       L.    City of Corona
                  George Guayante – City Manager [pdf 124kb]

3.0  TEXT REVISIONS [pdf 205kb]