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Sierra Pacific Power Company's Hirschdale Power Line Project (A.06-04-017)
Welcome to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) website dedicated to the communication of the environmental review process to the public. This website contains information related to the environmental review of Sierra Pacific's Application (A.06-04-017) the Hirschdale Power Line Project located in Nevada County, near the town of Hirschdale in Northern California.

To view information about this Application and/or the environmental review of the Application, select the appropriate link on either the left hand margin or bottom navigation links. The Public Process page provides information on the current status of the public information process for the environmental review of the Application and any current public meetings on the Application. The A.06-04-017 link provides information on the state of the CPUC general proceeding on the Application and is maintained by the CPUC. The History page provides in chronological order a synopsis of the various events related to the environmental review of the Application. The Contact page provides information on how to contact the CPUC with questions or concerns regarding this process. The Related Links page provides links to additional information on the internet which, while not directly related to this process, may be of interest to the public. The PEA page provides Sierra Pacific's own environmental review of the proposed project. The CEQA Documents section presents links to the CPUC's documents prepared for public review.

Disclaimer - While every attempt has been made to insure the consistency of these electronic pages with the actual published documents, some differences may yet exist between content presented here and the published documents. In such cases where differences occur the published document is the definitive source, not this website.