1. The project site has undergone previous grading and is primarily covered by gravel (ESA, 1997). Site
  2. reconnaissance of the project site was performed by PG&E cultural resource specialist and an information
  3. search was performed within a quarter-mile radius of the site by the Sonoma State University, Cultural Resources Study Center (in November 1996). The examination revealed no evidence of cultural resources in the area of the proposed project and no previous studies or recorded cultural resources sites or artifacts were revealed from the information search (PEA, 1997). Therefore, the project is not anticipated to have an effect on paleontological, archaeological, or historical resources.
  1. No unique ethnic cultural values are attributed to the project site. Therefore, the project would not have an effect on ethnic cultural resources.
  1. The project site is not being used for religious or sacred purposes. Therefore, the project would not have an effect on religious or sacred uses.
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