1. Los Gatos is the eleventh largest city in Santa Clara County with an estimated population of 28,950 in 1996. Santa Clara County is the most populated county in the San Francisco Bay Area and the third largest in California with an estimated population of 1,612,300 in 1996. The California Department of Finance projects that Santa Clara County would have a population of 1,703,000 in the year 2000. The projected annual growth rate is 1.39 percent, up slightly from the 1.30 percent growth rate the county experienced from 1990 to 1996 (PG&E, 1997a).

    The project is not a land use that would directly increase population within the community, such as housing units. The project is designed to accommodate PG&E's projected growth in the South DeAnza and West San Jose area of Santa Clara County by providing additional electrical power to a system where the existing electrical capacity cannot meet projected needs, according to PG&E’s PEA. Based on PG&E data from 1990 - 1996, much of that demand was a result of increased usage of electric power rather than increased number of residential or commercial customers (in this period residential, commercial and agricultural customers decreased by 631, 598 and 14, respectively). Industrial customers have increased in the area by 522 in the period (PG&E, 1997b). PG&E operates under State mandates as an electric distribution utility and the project of itself would not induce population growth into this existing urbanized area. The Metcalf-Monta Vista power transmission lines already are present in the area. Growth in the area is in response to regional and local economic, demographic and general plan policy forces rather than transmission capacity. No new public or private projects are anticipated to be directly initiated as a result of construction and operation of the substation. Therefore, no impact would occur because the project would not exceed population projections or induce substantial growth in an area.
  1. See section II.a, above. No impact.
  1. No housing units are located on the project site. No housing units would have to be moved in off site areas for the project. Therefore, the project would have no impact on existing houses.
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