1. The proposed substation would not introduce any uses that would generate building square footage or increased population that would typically require additional fire protection services. The project site is already served by the Santa Clara County Central Fire Protection District. The project would not create any new fire hazard or structures likely to require fire suppression service. In the unlikely event of a fire or explosion, or a downed wire at the site, PG&E would immediately detect a loss of service in its system operations. The site is overlooked by offices, is located along a highly traveled street, and is next to a residential condominium development, such that an explosion or fire likely would be noticed and reported immediately. No alarms or sprinkler systems are proposed for the project, nor are these deemed necessary. Because a fire station is located within a block of the site on Winchester Boulevard, response to a fire hazard situation at the site would be rapid. No impact is anticipated.
  1. The project site is served by the Town of Los Gatos police department. The proposed substation would not introduce any uses that would increase population, which would typically require additional police protection services during operation. The project may require the occasional use of police services during construction. Theft of construction equipment thefts and/or vandalism might occur during the construction period, requiring a police response. The replacement of existing transmission poles may require temporary closure of Winchester Boulevard for transmission line manipulation. Such actions are typically coordinated with the local police and normally take place during off-peak commute hours (Masuoka, 1997). The use of police services would be a temporary construction related impact and would not be expected to affect police services substantially. In the long term, within the perimeter wall, PG&E proposes that the substation transformer banks would be fenced and lighted to prevent vandalism and public access. Therefore, the project would have a less than significant effect related to police services and additional mitigation is not required.
  1. The proposed substation project would not introduce any uses that would increase population, which would typically require additional school services. Therefore, the project would have no impact on school or other community services (also see section II. Population and Housing).
  1. The proposed project would not require additional maintenance of public facilities during its operation. As requested by the Town of Los Gatos, a segment of distribution lines in front of the project site would be undergrounded. Open trenching would be required during construction for the distribution feeder line on one lane of road along Winchester Boulevard, one land of road along Lark Avenue, and a small portion of sidewalk in front of the site along Winchester Boulevard. Following construction, PG&E would pave the road surface and sidewalk. Paving following construction, if not well done, could result in a condition of the pavement that is poorer than at the time immediately prior to initiating construction, such as creation of a rough or uneven surface that could create hazards for vehicular traffic and pedestrians. The maintenance of the substation facility itself would be handled by PG&E, which has previously planned for the project. Therefore, the project would have no effect related to public facilities.


The following mitigation measure would reduce the potential impact of road and sidewalk disruption from construction to a less-than-significant level.

Mitigation Measure XI.d-1: Following construction of the distribution feeder line and closure of the trench, PG&E shall restore the road surface in the trenched lanes along Winchester Boulevard and Lark Avenue and in the sidewalk to a condition equal to or better than that at the time immediately prior to initiating construction.

  1. No project impacts to other government services are anticipated for the Town of Los Gatos or other service providers.
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