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The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) announces the release of the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Lodi Gas Storage Project. Lodi Gas Storage, LLC, applied to the CPUC to develop a natural gas storage facility and construct a 33-mile pipeline in Sacramento and San Joaquin Counties. Under the guidelines of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the CPUC prepared a Draft EIR that identified environmental impacts and appropriate mitigation and was circulated to agencies and the public during the public comment period. The Final EIR incorporates the Draft EIR and responds to all comments received on the Draft. The Final EIR also summarizes the major public involvement activities and describes the next steps in the Commission's decision process.

The Final EIR can be viewed at the Sacramento, Lodi, Isleton, Walnut Grove, and Stockton libraries or on the web. For questions about the project or to receive a copy of the Final EIR, contact the CPUC information line at 415/989-1446, extension 85.

The CPUC held two public meetings in Lodi on October 13, 1999, and in Isleton, October 14, 1999. The meetings provided an opportunity to review the Draft EIR, ask questions about the project, and submit comments on the Draft EIR. The CPUC assigned Commissioner, President Richard Bilas, and Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Janet Econome held a public participation hearing, October 19, 1999, to receive testimony from the public on the project. Agencies and the public submitted comments of the Draft EIR during the public comment period, which ended November 10, 1999.

ALJ Econome will prepare a proposed decision setting forth the recommendations, findings, and conclusions on applicant's request. The proposed decision will be filed with the Commission and served on all parties to the proceeding, who then will have 20 days to comment on the proposed decision. The five Commissioners will consider the proposed decision at a meeting to be held no earlier than 30 days after the proposed decision mails, and they will make the final decision on the application. The Commission can either accept, reject, or modify the proposed decision.

Project Update - October 1999

Lodi Newsletter (includes map of proposed project & alternatives)

Newsletter (Zip file, 2.4 MB).
Newsletter (PDF file, 1.9MB).


Project Update - May 1999

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Public Comment Period
The CPUC environmental review team would like to thank all parties for submitting comments during the public comment

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Judith Ikle, Project Manager
Tel:  415-703-1486

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