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Salt Creek Substation Project

San Diego Gas and Electric Company

Application No. A.13-09-014


Proponent's Environmental Assessment 


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1.0 PEA Summary

2.0 Purpose and Need

3.0 Project Description

4.0 Environmental Impact Assessment Summary

4.1 Aesthetics

4.2 Agriculture and Forestry Resources

4.3 Air Quality

4.4 Biological Resources

4.5 Cultural Resources

4.6 Geology and Soils

4.7 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

4.8 Hazards and Hazardous Materials

4.9 Hydrology and Water Quality

4.10 Land Use and Planning

4.11 Mineral Resources

4.12 Noise

4.13 Population and Housing

4.14 Public Services

4.15 Recreation

4.16 Tranportation and Traffic

4.17 Utilities and Service Systems

5.0 Alternatives

6.0 Other CEQA Considerations

7.0 List of Preparers



Appendix 1-A CPUC Checklist

Appendix 1-B Letter of Support

Appendix 1-C 300-ft Mailing Info

Appendix 1-D Existing Power Line Map

Appendix 3-A Technical Figures

Appendix 3-B Detailed Route Maps

Appendix 4.1-A Aesthetic Technical Analysis

Appendix 4.3-A Air Quality Methodology

Appendix 4.3-B Air Quality Contstruction Emissions

Appendix 4.4-A Biological Technical Report

Appendix 4.5-A Paleontological Resource Assessment

Appendix 4.6-A Geotechnical Investigation - 2008

Appendix 4.6-B Geotechnical Investigation - 2012

Appendix 4.7-A GHG Emissions

Appendix 4.8-A EDR Data Map Area Study

Appendix 4.8-B Fire Plan

Appendix 4.12-A Noise Monitoring Datasheets

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