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Santa Cruz 115kV Reinforcement Project

(Application No. A.12-01-012)

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Scoping Report


Report (1.2 MB)

1.0     Introduction

2.0     Summary of CEQA Scoping Process

3.0     Agencies, Organizations, and Persons Providing Comments

4.0     Summary of Comments

5.0     Summary of Future Steps in the CEQA Process

Appendices (35 MB)

A     Notices

    A-1    Notice of Intent

    A-2    Notice of Preparation

B     Newspaper Advertisements

    B-1    Notice of Availability

      - Santa Cruz Sentinel (October 18 and November 1, 2013)

      - Watsonville Register Pajaronian (October 19 and November 2, 2013)

    B-2    Notice of Preparation

      - Santa Cruz Sentinel (January 18, 2014)

      - Watsonville Register Pajaronian (January 18, 2014)

C     Draft IS Public Review Meeting Materials

    C-1     Meeting Agenda

    C-2     Comment Card

    C-3     Presentation

    C-4     Sign-in Sheets

D     Scoping Meeting Materials

    D-1     Comment Card

    D-2     Presentation

    D-3     Sign-in Sheets

E     Scoping Meeting Transcript

F     Comments Received During the Draft IS Review Period

G     Comments Received After the Draft IS Review Period

H     Comments Received During the Scoping Period

I       Comments Received After the Scoping Period

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