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Sycamore-Peñasquitos 230 Kilovolt Transmission Line Project

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Data Response Appendices

SDG&E Responses 1 and 2

Attachment numbers correspond to the Data Request question number.
Attachment DR 1: GIS Files--Confidential.
Attachment DR 7: GIS Files--Confidential.
Attachment DR 8: Substation Profiles--Confidential.
Attachment DR 11: Manpower and Equipment
Attachment DR 12: Preliminary Draft Fire Plan
Attachment DR 14: Table 14-1 KOP Photograph Data, KOP GIS Shapefiles
Attachment DR 15: Marker Ball Spans
Attachment DR 16: Angle Structures
Attachment DR 17 - 21: Air Quality Tables
Attachment DR 22: Spring Rare Plants
Attachment DR 23: Access Road GIS--Confidential.
Attachment DR 25: Cultural Resources Reports--Confidential.
Attachment DR 26: Cultural Resources Reports--Confidential.
Attachment DR 27: Geotechnical Reports--Confidential.
Attachment DR 31: Drainage Crossing Map
Attachment DR 37: Example Traffic Control Plans
Attachment DR 38: Construction Traffic

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